A Sample of New Hampshire Republican Accomplishments in 2017-2018:

  • Strengthened New Hampshire's voter integrity
  • Reformed DCYF and Mental Health System
  • $36 Million for Roads and Bridges
  • Fiscally conservative budget by passing a balanced budget that lived within our means
  • Passed Constitutional Carry
  • Accelerated Tax Cuts
  • Increased protections for clean water by increasing the Water Fund
  • Providing New Hampshire communities with the resources to fund full-day kindergarten
  • Preserved NH's Individual Health Insurance Market
  • Slashed 1600 Burdensome regulations
  • Pursued and delivered VA reform by expanding options for New Hampshire Veterans
  • Created a Governor's Scholarship fund to increase accessibility for New Hampshire Students
  • Doubled the Alcohol Fund, leading to more money for addiction and recovery
  • Prevented a costly toll increase
Source: http://nhhousegop.com/legislative-accomplishments/

The following appointments and confirmations were made:

  • Anna Barbara “Bobbie” Hantz Marconi was confirmed as a State Supreme Court Justice
  • Patrick Donovan was confirmed as a State Supreme Court Justice.
  • Frank Edelblut was confirmed as Education Commissioner
  • Gordon MacDonald was confirmed as Attorney General
  • Andrew Cline was confirmed as Board of Education Chair
  • Ken Merrifield was confirmed as Labor Commissioner
  • Shawn Jasper was confirmed as Agriculture, Markets, and Food Commissioner

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